Not Your Typical Girl

“Gosh I can’t stop dreaming of her. She’s so beautiful. With those big, brown eyes perfectly rimmed with velvety eyeliner and lips like an angel. She’s got the body of a goddess. She looks like Venus stepped right out of the legends and into our classroom. I’m hypnotized by the way those golden curls shine like a spotlight is cast upon them and blinded by her luminous smile. Her constant, gorgeous laughter has me deaf to everyone around me. I love that daydreamy look she always has, it makes you want to be part of the world that must only exist when she is lost deep in her thoughts. Even her name, Eva, radiates that mysterious beauty she has about her. She’s the smartest person in the class and seems so good and innocent. She’s so perfect I can’t believe she is real.” Adam told his best friend Scott.
“Well be careful… she’s not your typical girl.” Scott warned Adam.
“What do you mean?” Asked Adam.
“Just watch out around her, she isn’t as innocently beautiful as she seems.”

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