Not Your Typical Girl: Eva's Mind

Eva was sitting in the end row doodling hearts with barbed wire wrapped around them on the edge of her paper. She decided she wanted to get a tattoo of that on her shoulder. To her it represented the aching pain in her heart. Unlike a knife that stabs you once and its over the barbed wire keeps digging into your heart as a constant reminder of the pain. Every guy she told her tattoo idea to said it was sexy. That was the problem. Guys couldn’t understand how bad she hurt inside, the smile was just a decieving attempt to act like everything was fine and the laugh was just a substitute for the tears that wouldn’t fall. She glanced up from her drawing and noticed the guy sitting a row over staring at her. He had been doing that for ten minutes straight. Didn’t guys ever get tired of staring at her? She was nothing that special in her opinion. She looked back at the paper and rolled her eyes, here it goes again she thought. Another guy seeing how fast he can get into her pants. But she wasn’t that type of girl.

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