“Sorry I missed the meeting.” She lifted her head to meet Fred’s gaze.
“Yeah, you’d better be.” He warned. “York briefed us on an area of interest in southern France.” Fred didn’t look up from the papers he was filing.

“Southern France?” Her brow furrowed. “We’ve been seeing an increasing amount of activity from that area. Is he looking to send out a field rep.?” Fred scooted his chair closer to her.
“He is not sending you out there! Not after these past few months. Don’t even think about it, Capricious!” Fred fumed.

“I have been… acceptable under my… suspension. Perhaps he’ll give me a second chance.” The sides of her mouth turned down. “Besides, you know I’m the most qualified.” Fred sighed in agreement. Suddenly, York peeked his head into the office.
“Capri, I want you in France by this time tomorrow. We’ve got ourselves some vampire to catch.”

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