Hello Diary

By the time all the orphans got back that night they were exhausted and in pain. Nothing really new, though Oliver nearly fell asleep during dinner that night, after getting very little sleep the night before.

The antibacterial foam spray had worn off, but had left the area it had been sprayed irritated and red for everyone, bumps errupting on some of the orphans. Oliver didn’t get the bumps, luckily, but the cut on his forehead was bleeding a little and felt like it was on fire.

He practically sleepwalked to his bed, luckily claiming the Book Bed again. Tonight he dozed off despite a little excitement about the book again trying to keep him awake.

He did wake up, though, about an hour later. Everyone else was asleep, though some moaned out in their sleep. Oliver reached down and grabbed the book and pen.

Hello Oliver. was already in it when he opened it, and despite his pain the small boy smiled at this.

Hello Diary.

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