"Tell Me a Story About Secrets!" Part II

“The first man smiled. He greeted the other back while handing him a small brown package, very inconspicuous in appearance, but what—”

“What’s ickinspikiss mean?” Kristin asked.

“Inconspicuous,” he corrected her, smiling. “It means you don’t notice it. Anyway, the ‘ickinspikiss’ package housed something very conspicuous indeed. That means noticeable.”

Kristin grinned.

“The receiver of the package didn’t make a single sound as he put the package in his coat. Both figures vanished from sight, blending in with the dark forest.

“The next day, Lady Jupiter was fretting and worrying in her tower. Her wedding was tomorrow! She would become more than just a princess. She would be a queen.”

Kristin’s eyes sparkled. “But I would be a princess, like Cinderella.”

“I bet you would. Queens have to do much more boring things, like taxes and counseling. Don’t ask what those mean. They’re too boring,” he added in a whisper.

“Anyway, little did Lady Jupiter know that her fiancee was a…”

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