Not As I Planned

“Um, s-s-sure.” He stuttered and came over to help me, not that I needed it. I was standing over the plate with the bat, he came over and put his hands over mine with his body draping over me. I’m pretty sure he saw down my shirt because the first ball went right over the plate without us even swinging.
“Strike.” Most of the boys shouted. By this time Teddy and Carmen were walking to the backyard hand-in-hand. Gina and Mitch soon followed after with Mitch’s hand over on Gina’s waist. Atleast they were having fun, but this was so not me. Teddy and Mitch came back, Mitch with a little lipstick smeared on his face. By that time I was done with this look. I had gotten all out of Ty I needed, the butt touching the pecking the cheek after a good hit his arms around me. He’s not a romantic so I was ready to call it a freakin day.
“So how did you guys like soft and beautiful Linz?” I asked.
“It was okay.” Said Mitch.
“Not the same.” Said Teddy.
“Good.” I wiped my make-up off with the back of my hand and smiled.

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