Oh, Contraire, Mon Amie

“Excuse me, Mr…?” Capricious questioned.
“Etienne Perouyx.” The man answered coolly.
“Mr. Perouyx, you must leave me to my work.” Etienne looked at her briefly before moving to the table next to her. A bell sounded, and another man walked in, only to be flagged down by Etienne.
This place is full of freaks… Not the kind I’m looking for, but freaks all the same. Capricious glanced at the device in her hand. It was flashing a message across the screen: Criminal in close proximity! It warned. She artfully squinted at the man who sat next to Etienne Perouyx. Time for the big guns. She thought happily, but stopped when she realized most of the customers were looking her way.
“Excuse me, Miss, but I didn’t catch your name.” Etienne smiled at her again.
“Capricious Turnstall. I.P.A.,” she said, revealing her badge. “You and your friend are under arrest.”
“Oh, contraire, mon amie. It is we that have you.” The once innocent customers rose, baring their teeth in agreement.

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