A Whisper In The Wind

“Don’t touch me!” Zooey sat craddling his head. “They told me it would pass. But, when it didn’t, they would make noises to scare me. To make me think about the sound I heard in the distance… They made up games and songs about me. My father… he’d just sit on his throne and laugh! I don’t want that to happen, again.” He looked up at Judas’ face.
“But, then, why do you want to go back?” She asked.
“Frankly? I, like you, am curious to see what it all amounted to.”
“I’m not curious. Zooey, are we really going back to some place where although we ruled them, we were the butt of all jokes? Where nobody took our… abilities seriously? Where a ‘whisper in the wind’ had no significance, and was only seen for what it was? Don’t ask me to return with you, Zoo. I’ve left that world behind.” Judas’ face was the picture of anger. “Besides,” she added. “Who’s to say they want us back?”

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