Harry Potter 8: 19 Years Later in the Forbidden Forest

Book 7 Spoilers

Lumos” He whispered, jabbing his wand from his cloak as a bright light erupted from the tip. At this time of night, every sound was a possible threat in the forbidden forest.

He scanned the rotting leafs that covered the ground before him. His silent stroll was interupted by a thunder of beating hoofs. His black cloak spun as he turned on his heel.


The charging centaur crashed to the ground, only to pick itself up and stare at it’s new master with glazed eyes, a spear hanging loosly in its grip.

“Leave me” He called to the centaur, who slowly turned and marched off.

He pointed his glowing wand back at the moist earth, letting the silvery light fill the space between the foliage. It was his 73rd time in the Forbidden Forest, and each trip was becoming more of a risk as his search drew nearer to the castle. The increasing amount of centaur attacks gave him the feeling they were gaurding something. He smiled as he turned back. He was getting close.

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