At the End of the World

At the end of the world nothing will remain except for a single statue. This gleaming statue will encompansate all of the greatest human achivements and will shine with all the hopes and dreams that mankind has shared and envisioned over their generations. It will radiate with the love of the human heart and resonate with the warmth of the human spirit. It is this statue and only this statue which will stand testament to humanity’s existance within the universe once we are exhuasted and extinguished into extinction.
Years to come this statue will be viewed by all sorts of creatures mundane and unnatural. They will veiw it with sympathy and awe and within their hearts they will feel a respect that will be born more out of lament and regret rather than amazement and humiliation. For etched into the base of the staute will be the final words of humanity that will echo throughout the universe which shall be the enbodiement of our entire race.

“Forgive us for we know not what we do.”

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