The Dragon in the Smoke

Deep, rumbling laughter akin to thunder engulfed me as the Smoke had, and the Dragon spoke to me. “Foolish be you!” It said, apparently highly amused. “I know what you seek.”

Didn’t everybody? I thought.

“How true!” It laughed. “Now tell me why you think I would aswer this for you.”

Oh dear. A riddle. I was warned of this!

“Were you?”

Agh! Get out of my head!

“It is you who opened the door. And it is you who can answer your question. “

“Me!” I screeched. “Don’t you think I’d have answered it already if I could?!”

Then, the Dragon faded away into the Smoke, and the Smoke into the night.
“Foolish be you…” a fading echo of it’s voice said to me.

“No kidding.”

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