Welcome Back

Dani’s alarm clock went off at 7:00 am. She got up and headed downstairs for breakfast. As she poured the milk into her bowl she thought about how this year was going to be different. Every other year for as long as she could remember, the three of them would walk to school together. And on the first day they would always wake up early and go the extra long way so they could discuss their plans for the first day back. Well not this year, and not ever again. Once Dani thought through all the negatives and positives about Blair, she new her final decision. Dani went upstairs and got dressed. She then headed outside to meet up with Steph under the big oak that the three of them had spent so many afternoons under. They walked towards school, quieter then usual; it was going to be hard with out Blair. It wasn’t long before they were walking up the steps to school. Steph looked at Dani and attempted to give her a cheerful smile. The two of them walked inside, but deep inside, Dani felt alone.

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