You Liar

“Who are you working for? Why did they send you?” After 3 days of Etienne brow-beating her, Capricious was ready to surrender.
“I.P.A. International Protection Agency. This area came into interest when we noticed an increasing amount of vampires…” her head hung in shame. I always thought I’d never tell… Etienne interrupted her thoughts.
“Vampire activity. How were you monitering us?”
“In hospitals around the world, each baby has a chip installed underneath their skin. After the 2008 Massacre, it was decided that these precautionary measures were necessary. If one is changed, we are notified immediately.”
“You are an exteminator!” He snarled.
“No, we are helping… billions of people!” Capricious countered.
“We are trying to help you! We’re trying to develop a cure, imbecile! There’s no progress because everytime we reach a break through, you come and kill our best scientists!” Etienne roared. Capricious looked up.
“You liar,” she whispered.

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