Sand Women VII- Wizards Tower

“No,” said Grinook, shaking his head, “If we are going to attack the Sand Women we will need the perfect plan.”
Jynu sighed,”There is no way to defeat the Sand Women, we are not powerful enough. And even if we were, what is the point? I do not see the reasoning for this war.” Grinook started to speak but Jynu interrupted,”No. I respect your opinion, as our Leader, but I tell you, attacking Sand Women is foolish. As long as we leave the desert to them and stay on our grounds, and do those small things asked of us, there is little to no conflict between our races.So why create it?”
“We are not free as Wizards used to be, and should be!To go and dwell anywhere. Not be controlled by Sand Women!”
The other Wizards shifted uneasily in the long silence that followed as Grinook and Jynu glared at each other.
Attempting to break the silence Lokae spoke, “How is your apprentice, Jynu?”
“I released him a little over a month ago,” Jynu replied.
“Aeryn, wasn’t it?”
He nodded, “And the best wizard I have ever seen.”

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