Sand Women IX-Struggle of Sand

Sand covered me, pummeling me on all sides, pulling me down. I opened my mouth and it instantly filled with sand. I thrashed around for a moment and then felt a tug on my right hand, they were trying to take the staff. I screamed something,and to this day Im still not sure what I said,but suddenly there was silence.
Slowly I came to realize that i was standing in the middle a crater.The sand sloped up to form a circle around me,like it had been blasted from where I was standing.On one side of the crater a sand women formed a slowly walked forward.She fell to her knees before me and said,”I live to serve you,son of Nynu and descendent of Tyme.
One by one,other Sand Women followed in suit.Kynae approached me and smiled,”I go with my people.I accept your allegience
“What?” I said confused,still not sure what was happening.
We are equal.“she said,as though that explained everything.Realizing I still did not understand she continued,”You are born of Wizards and Sand, your Magic is both and neither.

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