Just A Number

The days came slowly. At first she didn’t notice the decrease of smiles, laughter. The increase of work. Constantly sorting through piles of clothes. Not being allowed to ask who they were from, where they were going.

She noticed the change when people began to disappear. And the smoke was more menacing, billowing against the darkened sky.

Hannah was first. Then Agatha. Little Zachariah, too. Missing. Not being able to ask where they were, for fear they might send her there, too. For fear they she might also become a forbidden memory.

The food was always covered in a thin layer of dirt. Everything was, even her mind. You had to work past the filth, and realize it was for your own good. At least that’s what they told her. She knew it wasn’t true.

At night, she didn’t not dare sleep, for on her eyelids were the worst nightmares. She had to shut them out.

And that, is how Eva Yelchin realized that to them, she was just J3810457 .

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