Hopefull fantacies

Ok, so it was the beginning of the day, first block, and I was sitting in class. Mr. Now was droning on about math and the class, as usual, wasnt paying attention. Notes passing, girls giggling, flying paper balls: everything boring, nothing unusual.

I was sitting in the back of the room doodling in my textbook. I didnt even know if I was on the right page. I was tooo busy daydreaming, wishing my life was more like those fairy tales my dad used to read to me. Maybe one day my night in shining armor or prince charming would one day come and whisk me away to his castel where I would become queen or something, but for now I was depressingly stuck here.

I was just finishing a badly drawn dragon when the door opened and this georgous boy walked in. Black hair, blue eyes, oh-my-god he ws beautiful. I almost started fantisizing about him but caught myself. I was never again to fall for a guy like that. I would stick to Jack. A dull best friend couldnt hurt.

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