Teach me to Live [11]

A volcano seemed to be burning up his insides. Here was this woman, Katie Donaghue, the only person he thought would always understand and she was accusing him of lying to her. Lying by omission she would call it if you neglected to tell her something. Ritchie lost it. “MY FUCKING MOTHER DIED ! LEAVE ME ALONE DAMMIT !” Katie was so hurt. SHe had had no idea, had she known she never would have said anything. She moved away from him and the group that had congregated around the fight slowly dispersed. The bus ride that usually felt like a short ten minutes, felt like hours of uncomfortable silence to Ritchie. And the worst part was that it was the only thing he could think of to do. Stay silent and out of the way. Somehow it made him feel less empty to save all his energy.

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