Teach me to Live [14]

Ritchie came home and set his bag down in the living room. His dad was still at work. He had been thinking all day in school about what he would have to do to make himself feel better. “I’ve taken someone’s life,” he thought. “And now i have to pay for that.” He went into the bathroom and put ran the hot water in the tub. He went into his room and got a pen and paper. He wrote a note for his dad and set it on the bathroom door. He got into the tub and grabbed his razor. He had heard that if the water is the same temperature as the body it doesn’t hurt. Ritchie had his mind set. “This is what you deserve.” He said and with that he pulled the razor across his wrist. He didn’t feel it, but he knew if he didn’t act quick he wouldn’t make it to the other one. He switched hands and slit his other wrist. “The job is done,” he thought and went to sleep.

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