Teach me to Live [17]

After calling the EMS , Robert wasn’t sure what he could do. He was told to cut off the circulation to Ritchie’s wrists immediately. At least until they got there. He had. He sat next to the tub crying, he couldn’t believe this had happened. Though the EMS arrived in almost an instant, for Robert it seemed like an eternity. Ritchie was rushed to the nearest hospital where Robert sat for hours, praying. He was not a religious man but under the circumstances, what was he to do?
“Oh god…please don’t take Ritchie away… i don’t remember much from church and maybe that’s a sin, but i think i remember something about forgiveness. Please god, forgive Ritchie for this….this….this….thing….whatever it is, just let him stay with me…i need him…. i love my son, please don’t take him away from me god… please….”
On and on he prayed for several hours…Finally, he fell asleep to the sound of his own incessant pleading.

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