Teach me to Live [19]

“How is he?” Robert asked.
“As well as can be expected.” the nurse said.
“What a crap answer!” Robert thought. “It’s so obscure, how am i supposed to know how he is? Why do nurses always do that? They never give you straight answers-” a nearby voice pulled him back to the real world.
“Hello, Mr. Baker, i’m Dr. Sanbourne. Well, for someone in Ritchie’s situation he is doing quite well. Not many people usually live though these…. these uhh situations. He’s a lucky one. Fortunately, the incisions seem to have barely scraped many major veins. However, they were deep wounds and he did require some stitching. He will be fine, but we’d like to keep him for a few nights. He’s in a critical state, he’s lost a lot of blood. A few more minutes and he might not have made it.”

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