Teach me to Live [20]

Robert Baker nearly collapsed. His knees buckled and his shoulders sagged like they were carrying 50 tons. “Let me see him.” he said. The doctor nodded his head and opened the curtain divided Ritchie from the rest of the hospital. Robert rushed to his bedside.
“Ritchie! Oh Ritchie, i prayed, i did, i was so scared i.. i .. oh ritchie…” Robert had begun to cry again and all the words he had wanted to say caught in his throat. He clutched Ritchie to his chest. “Thank god, ritchie.. you’re here…” Robert let go and sat back to wipe his eyes which was of no use because his tears wouldnt stop.
Ritchie blinked a few times and looked as though he was returning to consciousness. He opened his eyes a sliver and looked at his dad crying.
“You should have left me.” he said and went to sleep.

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