Teach me to Live [24]

“Have you reached your decision?” the judge inquired.
“Yes, i have.”
“And what did you decide?”
“After much deliberation, i have decided that Ritchie would benefit more from a complete rehabilitation than simple therapy and hence should be sent to the center.” Robert Baker exhaled deeply, hoping his son would understand.
Ritchie was seated next to his father and was now staring up at him, his mouth hanging open in disbelief. How could his father do this to him? What was wrong with everyone? There was nothing wrong with him! The doctors, the nurses, his friends, his own girlfriend, the therapist, and now his father too!? How could this happen? In Ritchie’s struggle for redemption he seemed to have gotten himself further and further from deliverance. At this point, the best he had to look forward to was getting a room in the rehab center with someone at least half sane.

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