Teach me to Live [31]

Ritchie got his schedule and Sven had to explain most of the things that were on it. First thing in the morning on Monday he had classes. He was in music, even though he couldn’t play an instrument. He was in math and English and then art. Ritchie noted they hadn’t put him in the wood shop, “too many sharp objects,” he thought. He has classes Monday through Friday. He had “group” on Saturdays in the evenings. Sven had explained that was group therapy. Ritchie immediately deduced he was going to try and practice not laughing while other people made complete fools of themselves “sharing their feelings.” Today was a Friday anyway, so they gave him the rest of the day for himself and then tomorrow his schedule would kick in. He was told he could use his free time walking about the grounds. Ritchie was quite confused by this and Sven graciously showed him out the back door. There was about two or three acres of land going across the back and then about four acres out there was a lake. The grounds were enormous.

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