I love you *PERIOD*

Dear Who you Are,
I’ve fallen in love with you and I cannot even describe to you how that feels; words don’t even measure to the feeling and the feeling doesn’t even measure to the thought, yet neither does the thought measure to the sensation that comes over me when I think about you or when I see your picture, a moment of your beautiful life that was frozen in time so that all within years to come can look upon you and be captured in awe and then they can say without hesitation or regret “back in the old days God use to send his angels to visit mankind and bless them with perplexing beauty and inspiring heart,” and they would come to understand and feel everything that I feel now when I look at you, but what can I do but only dream of the moment that Lady Luck would grace me with but a chance to meet you in life just as I do meet you in my own daydreaming thoughts finding oursevles sitting beneath a sea of stars that would feel shamed that they could not match the stars in your eyes or within your smile.

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