True Love Denied

“Sierra!” I cry as I race up the dirt path. The mountain is steep, and I stumble as often as not, but I’m so excited I can’t stop. Sierra slowly turns, her wavy midnight-black hair spilling down in waves to the small of her back. Her sapphire eyes are bright with curiosity. Her alabaster skin blushes at…well, me I hope, but I’m not sure…yet…
“Peris!Aren’t you busy at this hour?” she says softly, but not without joy. She practically radiates beauty in the sun.
“Sierra, I made it! I’m going to school!!!
She gasps happily. “Oh, that’s wonderful! When do you start?”
“May. Elder Tronken said I’m promising.” I announce proudly. She smiles, but then it turns sad, like someone put a cool veil over her warmth.
“Sierra, what’s wrong?” I ask, forehead creasing in concern.
She looks ashamedly at her goats then whispers, “Well, and I won’t see you again for years and years now, will I?”
My joy immediately freezes to horror.
“No! Sierra, I won’t go, I cant’ leave you…”
But of course it doesn’t work out that way.

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