First, however, he would have to be able to walk. He grabbed his ankle again, bringing his foot up and looking at it.

There had to be some way to get it out, and to fix it up. Maybe he could go to a hospital?

Oliver sighed. They would find him. Well, he would have to sit here for a while and see what his foot did. Might as well have a story.

Yes. I got out. I don’t know what to do now, but I got out. Maybe He broke off, wondering if it was rude to ask magical books for a favor.

When he decided that the need for distraction was more than the need to be polite he leaned over the page to continue his sentance.

He didn’t have to. A story was already in the pages.

The Ugly Ducking

Oliver let himself be taken in by the book. Though it was a short story, he was a slow reader.

It took quite some time to read through the few pages, and he felt himself go with the Ugly Duckling on all of his adventures.

When the book was over, however he looked up.

Someone was staring at him.

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