Golden Throat

I’d met Luci at a party; we’d been having a good time together in bed. She was gorgeous, and nothing about her body seemed artificial. We seemed to “click” well together.

Now, as we lay in bed afterward, Luci dozed, with her lips gently parted—and I noticed that a faint gold light was shining out from between her lips. I leaned closer, putting my finger to her lip to open her mouth a little wider—and as I did, a strange thing seemed to happen. Her face seemed to grow larger the closer my face came to it. Yet, her body stayed the same size in my arms; I can’t explain it.

A little hesitantly at first, I poked my head between lips as wide as my shoulders to try to see what was glowing. But the light came from beyond the curve of her throat. I would have to crawl closer if I wanted to see it.

Curious now, I worked my shoulders into her mouth, to see better—and my face was licked by a giant, warm, wet tongue. “Mmm,” Luci said—and then I felt her hands encircle my ankles and start to shove me further in.

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