Teach me to Live [33]

The sun’s rays filtered in through the morning at five thirty and tickled Ritchie’s face. He didn’t get up, instead he laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Today he had group. What fun! Ritchie thought. Perfect, just what i need to be surrounded by people sharing their feelings… Somewhere around six Ritchie got up and got dressed. There wasn’t anyone in the bathrooms and so he could clean up and get ready in peace. Ritchie decided he was going to be waking up earlier than everyone else a lot. He went down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. There was the run of the mill breakfast down there. Cold cereal and 2% milk with an orange on the side. Ritchie grabbed the fruit and neglected the cereal. He sat down alone at one of the many tables. He wasn’t much of a breakfast person, even if he was an early riser. Ritchie finished his orange and leaned back in his chair. The cafeteria had a few more occupants than when he had come in. Ritchie scanned the room. No one he was interested in meeting.

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