The next thing Oliver knew, the boy that the girl had called Marco was picking him up and an FA was parked outside of the alley.

Marco carried him in, the girl opening the door for him.

The FA had obviously been nice. At some point. For now the seats that had clearly been expensive when new were faded and the fabric thin. The form fitting memory foam even took a few seconds and a shudder before it started working.

But Oliver hadn’t been inside an FA this nice ever, and he watched wide-eyed as things happened around him.

A boy with black hair, dark brown eyes, and greatly contrasting pale skin turned around to look at Oliver in the back from the driver’s seat. His nose looked as if it had been broken at least once.

“Orphan?” he asked after a glance at Oliver’s dirty state and clothes.

Oliver wordlessly nodded, clutching the book closer to him.

Sven noticed this and his eyes narrowed at the book, but the girl, jumping into the passenger seat, elbowed him.


He did.

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