Almost There

Marco had set Oliver on the seat so that he was taking up two, his feet on the middle portion. This confused the automated seat-vests a bit, but eventually the car decided that they weren’t needed.

The girl and Sven were muttering about something in the front. From catching a few phrases Oliver guessed that it was him, and his foot. Apparently Maxie would have to deal with it.

Marco glanced over at him and smiled reassuringly, revealing white, if not slightly crooked, teeth. He had bright blue eyes and red hair with tanned skin.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. That foot’ll need some looking at, though. Bridget was right.”

Oliver nodded back, until Bridget looked back from the front passenger seat and the conversation with Sven.

“Can you talk?” she asked.

Oliver opened his mouth to reply that yes, he could, but Sven interupted him before he could speak.

“Shut up, Bridge. Of course he can. A lot of stuff’s happening.”

Bridget scowled but shut her mouth.

“We’re almost there.”

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