“BADABADABDABADA!” she shouted, index fingers pointed out like guns.

“Chinc, chinc, chinc,” responded the Walker’s armor as the particles of light bounced off in every direction.

Liea tucked into a tight roll, emerging with her right fist pointing straight out into the darkness.

“BOOOOOOOOOM!” she shouted, launching a bright orange glowing orb which tore off the right arm of one of the smaller Walkers.

“Damn,” she said angrily. Closing one eye, she took aim at the one-armed Walker, this time with two fists.

“BOOOOM!” she shouted once more, her eyes following the smaller blue orbs. They shattered the Walkers legs and it fell into heap, its remaining arm grasping idly at the ground.

Liea softly blew her smoking hands. “Well, that’s one down,” she said, surveying the remaining walkers, “Fifty-four to go.”

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