Eulogy to a Giraffe

To those who did not know, here lies the corpse of a truly miserable soul.
Geoffrey the Giraffe
To some the question will occur, “who ever was this miserable soul of which I never heard?” In all honesty it is true he did no have many friends, only his pen cleaner and several fleas who stood by him till the end. He was wealthy, or so he was to believe, his owners used his image to double their greed. They said unto Geoffrey “we shall use your image to sell a toy and when we run most toy businesses to the ground the children will cheer in joy. We shall begin with prices low, lower than the shortest knees on some hairy flea, and than we shall raise our prices to make more money so we can bring all sorts of toys, children will be pleased.”
Oh woe Geoffrey fell for their ploy for later did he find out they did not care for children’s joy. Greed was their one concern, and they did all within their powers for more money to earn. Heck they didn’t want to spend a dollar to extend this eulogy past a 1024 letters.

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