Because it had to have a sequel :)

She fought for breath, thumping at the alien thing covering her face.

Heat, sweat and fear filled the suit that sealed in her clammy flesh while around her small things screamed, squealed and clawed at her.

How did she fall into this Hell? What crime was she being punished for?

Unable to take any more she ran, screaming, for the boundary. Even her voice changed to a high pitched squeal as the tiny terrors raced after her, swarming her, slowing her down.

Through the shadowy veil over her eyes, and vision blurred with tears, she saw another one, like her, coming her way.

Gently he drove the horrors from her and, holding her hand, lifted her to her feet.

“Don’t worry, Mandy,” he said. His big nose and ears wobbling as he spoke. “The first day is the hardest. By the end of the week you’ll be the best Minnie Mouse Disney ever hired…”

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