Tell Me a Story About Sugar, THX 0477!

It was much too dark in the fancy parlor. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, avoiding his mother’s hawkish gaze.
“Tea, dear? And sugar, of course,” she said sweetly, holding the proffered foods toward him.
“Eh, I’ll have to pass on that one, Mother. I just ate with Eleanor.”
“I insist.”
He suspiciously took the china and poured himself a small cup of tea with half a spoon of sugar.
“About Eleanor, darling, what exactly did you tell her?” Her soft voice suddenly became sharp. His eyes narrowed.
“Mother, I’ll come clean. I couldn’t stand lying to my fiancee, so I…I told her we were destitute.”
“And what…what did she do?”
He sighed heavily. “She broke off the engagement, of course.”
She exhaled heavily. “Drink your tea, son. And add more sugar.” He looked at her strangely but obeyed. He took a long sip. The world went fuzzy and dark. His mother started cackling. Then the world went black forever.
“Get Eleanor in here,” she said. “And hide this disgusting body.” She looked long and hard at the sugar cup.

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