did you say BATH

I was snuggled up on your pillow, then I heard you say that horrible word,Bath! You just hate me don’t you? What makes you think I like being ruffed up an wet? I just got my coat to smell and feel just right.I tried hiding under the bed but you just kept on looking,so while you were bending over I ran out the doggie door but you must have heard me.While I was hiding under the porch I heard the back door open.Schotzy Schotzy you called so sweetly,you didn’t fool me though.Hum, she closed the door maybe she gave up.I’ll lay here a little longer then go check it out.Long enough up the steps and in the door.Whooo what are you doing? No no no I don’t want to go,bite her thats what I’ll do, kick, wiggle, plop.Oh who’s my good boy? Schotzys my good boy. No,no I’m not.I don’t like this,the wet stuff is to cold.I have to shake some of this wet off me.Shotzy be a good boy almost done.Ok sit while I grab the towel.Fine now dry me off.Well I guess I’m just glad she didn’t say vet.Now to go dry off on her side of the bed.

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