non- title 3

Now, after traveling from those hideous clogs to her shirt (which clashes horribly with her shorts i must say) to her face, you must begin to understand why she does have a few close friends of selection. she’s beautiful with flowing auburn hair, thick lush eyelashes, a complexsion to die for and lips that are comsistently in a pout.

Or maybe it’s just her friends. look across the room. See that boy with the blue, spiked hair? that’s Joey, Ariels one guy friend. Now, travel across the room to where Mr. Rosenhoward is teaching math. Tha one with the multicolored painted nails is Jessica, more oftenly known as Jessy. Lastly, if you go all the way down the artwork-covered hall of Whitefield Junior High, you will see a girl sitting at a small, tan desk, you will get to see Maria. Maria with her four mutated fingers, scars up and down her legs patch over one eye, Maria

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