storm chasers

just like any summer day in texas you wake up its already in the 80’s and the humity is almost as high.which means the evening thunder storms will be severe.i was outside mowing when the clouds begain to move in. they were darker than just your average storm.the air around me suddenly cooled 10 degrees i could see the small flashes in the sky a few miles away but they were moving closer by the second.the sky was almost black with an errie purple.time to run jump in the truck chase us storm.called jim you ready?hell yeah come get me let’s go! i ran into the garage and hauled the three bags to the truck.drove down the block to pick up jim.jim squeesed into the seat and started to setup the sound recorders and video and various weather equipment we had purchased piece by piece.headed for the highway the rain started.a down pour pounding the truck i couldnt pulled over and parked under over passes.crack the flash was as brillant as looking into the sun.i jerked the wheel causing the truck to skidout of..

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