I Can't Do This To You

Dani placed her cell into her pocket and got on her bike. She could not believe that the first week of the 8th grade had already come and gone. She liked most of her teachers and enjoyed having Social Studies as her first period class. Steph was in four of her eight classes, not counting lunch. But she also had five classes with Blair, and three with Logan; it appeared as if she would never be able to escape them.

Dani pulled up in Jeremy’s driveway and rang the doorbell. He came out and they sat on the front porch just talking for a while.
“Listen Jeremy, I can’t do this to you, the truth is I really like you, but this was kind of just a way to get back at Logan. I didn’t really know you then, and I didn’t realize that you were such a great guy, and I’m so sorry for leading you on.”
Jeremy looked surprisingly calm, almost as if he was smiling.
“It’s okay, I had a feeling you weren’t really that into me, but if it’s okay with you, I’d still like to be friends.”
Dani smiled, “That’s great!”

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