Converstion With An Empty Seat

I was so excited. I actually thought you’d come. Pretty foolish, huh? The empty seat didn’t answer.
I don’t care. Well, I mean I did, at first, but then… Suddenly, it wasn’t about not seeing you in the crowd; it wasn’t about the show even! It was about that stage. The feeling of my feet on that hardwood floor. The yellow lights warming my face… I could live for that one moment. Live in that one moment. But, life… Life is not a musical. No, life is a musical. There will be a slow ballad that everyone wishes was over, so that the funky pop beat can drown out the sadness of the previous number.
I was mad, at first. Mad that you’d be so inconsiderate. But, maybe you’re just my slow ballad. The empty seat looked at me, as the lights on the stage went out.

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