Red Tears

Anger rising inside her she just wanted to hurt something. She missed her tears. She missed feeling pain. She missed being able to puke. Everyone always wished they couldn’t do these things, but now she knew better. She knew that the internal suffering of hurt wanting to be released was much worse than the tears, vomit, and aches. She looked at her eyes in the mirror and cried dry sobs. The tears still wouldn’t come. She was sick of being looked at by guys like she was a piece of meat. Sick of being blown off by her friends that came sobbing back to her everytime a guy screwed them over. Sick of her parents forgetting she exsisted until they needed someone to blame there lives on. She took the needle in her hand and the next thing she new she was in the shower washing the blood off her face, with another earring in a new hole. That made it five piercings now, she thought as she washed the red tears off from where she shoved the needle through her own flesh, her blood was the only tears she had left now.

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