The Unicorn

Bear in mind, of course, that it would be easier if we could start with “Once Upon A Time.” If we could do that, we might not have to start with the unicorn.

Yes, I know I said it began in high school. That wasn’t wholly accurate. Most of our ensemble were students, with a few parents and teachers thrown in. And much of our tale played out in the corridors of William McKinley High, a school named for a man mostly famous for dying. And Peter did find the unicorn while out looking for bugs for an ill-conceived Biology project (for which he’d eventually receive a “C-” from the always-generous Mr. Matheau).

Stalling? You caught me. Yes, I mentioned a unicorn.

It was a Sunday afternoon, in the woods behind Peter’s house, and naturally he thought it was a horse at first, cruelly shot through the head. It wasn’t until he saw the foal, nudging its mother with a coiling, iridescent horn, that he realized that what he’d taken for a gunshot wound was where a horn had been viciously torn from the mare’s head.

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