Kinda Happily Ever After

She had planned for this day. Rehearsed more than most.

Perhaps it was because she knew they were mortal enemies. Perhaps it was because she only think of two people, besides herself, that were rooting for her.

“Still here?” echoed classmates throughout the hall. She defiantly lifted her chin and turned away.

Yes, this would be a cinch. But she was wrong.

Before the masses, or the rest of the classmates, he brought up good points. Some that she wasn’t aware of. Still, she was confident.

It was close. Perhaps too close to tell. But, the masses spoke. In favor of him.

She seethed. How could he have beaten her? The corners of her lips pulled into a frown, and her eyes threatened rain. Maybe even a few thunderstorms, too.

But, she knew what she had to do.

“Jolly good opponent. Good form.” She stoutly stuck out her hand, although her mind rang with disapproval.

Like I said, this is the wrong type of fairytale, but things went:
Kinda Happily Ever After.

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