The Balance of Power

The sting of salt in her eyes was the first thing that registered to her battered senses, and she realized that unlike the barrage of feelings that had just assaulted her, this one was real. Wincing, she shifted on the sand and felt her nerves scream in pain as though she had been electrocuted. As it ebbed, she noticed that her hands were clenched around something hard.

Her eyes were drawn down to the foreign object with a feeling of unease as she forced her fingers to uncurl. Examining it from a scientific perspective, growing wonder began to take over. A long carved wooden staff lay in her hands and she ran her fingers over the smooth patina that must have occurred through frequent use over a number of years. Fingers skated to the head of the staff, finding an open-mouthed face was carved into the piece of wood. A piece of wet organic material trailed down the back, and she recoiled when she realized it was hair.

But her fingers returned, drawn to the sense of power and the undeniable fact it was hers.

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