“I can’t quite describe it, I’ll have to show you.” But would she believe me?

“Okay, let’s go,” she turned to get up.

“But first,” I interjected, “we’re laying down some ground rules. And you have to do something for me.” I was toeing the line with this, but I couldn’t help it. She nodded, still curious but getting impatient.

“1) You go down first with the flashlight. 2) You say nothing of any of this to anyone, Mom included. 3) I get a wildcard to use at a moment’s notice.”

“What kind of wildcard?” She couldn’t make this easy.

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a wildcard.” I waited. Was this too bold?

“Fine. Let’s go.”

She grabbed a flashlight from the closet, and started down the stairs. I hurried after, making sure to stay close and take advantage of the light. Now that i could see, I could appreciate how very deep I’d travelled before. We had to be under the house by now. A tunnel under my house. Wow. It was something I’d thought of as a kid, but never seriously.

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