Who is She?

Who is she? he wondered for the millionth time as she walked by the Starbucks window, flaming red hair blowing in the breeze. He could’ve picked her out of any crowd, even though he had never gotten a good look at her face. She walked by everyday, clutching a blue notebook to her chest.
He didn’t know why he didn’t just gather his guts and go talk to her.
He had been watching her walk by this stupid window everyday for a month!
“That’s it.” he mumbled to himself. “I’m going to go talk to her today.” He hurried out the door and followed her down the sidewalk. There were a lot of people out walking today, all going in the opposite direction. She negotiated the crowd like an expert. Finally he caught up with her as she went up the steps to the library.
“Hi.” he said coming up next to her. She turned to him. “My name is Brian.” he continued. “This is going to sound strange but I’ve been watching you walk by the window of Starbucks everyday for a month.”

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