K.P. (A Poem)

Since the 1st day of 5th grade
When he walked into the room
I knew he was something special
By just the way he moved
He didn’t stomp around like other guys
He didn’t even slouch
Instead he walked with head held high
With just a little bounce
I remember when he cried
Because he failed his test
I gave him all my x-tra points
And helped him to success
You should have seen his face light up
It really made my day
I couldn’t believe all the nice things
That he had to say
We became great friends
Me and Him
He would do anything for me
On a silly whim
I know this because
It was him
That busted a knee
For me
We were in PE
I wasn’t paying attention
Luckily K.P. was there
To provide an intervention
He looked like he was in pain
I did it all for you he said
I hung my head in shame
This is all my fault
I’m afraid it is he stated
My heart almost disentegrated
He had succeeded where others failed
The wall to my heart he’d scaled
That would be the day
He entered my heart forever to stay

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