Falling In

If it was Max I probably would have said something remarkably sarcastic.

But it wasn’t Max, and so I wouldn’t. I remained silent.

Jake took a step towards me.

I took a step back.

He tried again.

I did the same again.

“Ok, listen,” he said, taking a deep breath. “I was wondering…Well, there’s a movie that I want to see, and..”

He took another step forward towards me and I took another back. My heart was beating fast in my chest, and knew what he was going to say, and what I was going to say, and…

But I still took a step backwards. I guess I did it because I didn’t like the idea of anyone close to me (other than Max), even a guy I’d imagined kissing the night before.

And this was a mistake. Because we were on the deck of the pool, and the pool was a bit closer than I had thought it was.

So I fell backwards into the pool with a scream, and in a stream of bubbles fell to the bottom.


Sorry that was so bad. I mean, really really predictable. Oh well.

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