Poptarts and Milk

I woke up hungary this morning.Normally not,theres poptarts in the cabinet I thought. Thats what I want my poptarts.Made it to the kitchen jumped up to open the door and grabbed the box.Oh great the box is empty.Looking into the empty box disappointed, I really wanted a poptart. Who ate my poptart I yelled? Walked into the family room did you eat my poptart?No, I didn’t touch your poptart.Doesn’t any one in this house know where the trash is? Am I the only person that knows you throw empty boxes away.Later that day after making beds and starting laundry and doing other numerous jobs I hate to do.I thought I should see if there were other empty boxes hiding in plain site,so I pulled a chair over and climbed up.Oh wow, there was my poptart, laying right there on the shelf.Just to short to see it, so I looked around to see if anyone else was watching.No one saw.I grabbed the poptart along with a glass and jumped down,ripped open the package and opened the refrigerator door reached in and who drank all the milk!

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