Stalker Interception

I was so excited. A mormon at her first dance (waited till 14, woo!) is something to behold, but when my first dance was at a mormon camp with tons of hot new mormon guys, I was beyond ballistic. My first slowdance was with a terribly ugly guy who played the flute, but I was much too excited to care. I flirted shamelessly, my heartbeat racing as I subtly looked around to see if there were any hot guys I should surreptitiously stand next to when the next slow dance started.
Oh. My. Gosh. Three o’clock, looking tall, dark, and handsome, was a hottie. He was 16, but I didn’t particularly care-he was definitely now my COW (Crush Of the Week).
Alas, that I was in my right mind! Maybe I might’ve noticed Flute Boy’s intense gaze! Maybe I would have noticed the way he smiled every time I did!
But I didn’t. Then the slow song was over and it was too late. I extracted myself from his arms and went back to my girlfriends. Annoyingly enough, Flute Boy followed.
And that was only the beginning.

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